Junior Programs

We're proud to have introduced thousands of new players to the game of golf over the last decade.  Our programs are designed to teach the fundamentals in a fun and engaging environment young players of all skill levels will enjoy.  Check out the exciting classes we host for kids as young as 4 years old!



Ages 4-16

Join us for an instructional class at the Tam Golf Learning Center to work on building fundamentals, or gain experience on the course by participating in one of our fun junior leagues at the newly renovated Tam O’Shanter Golf Course.  Clubs and range balls are provided for all classes.  Programs are organized into 3 age brackets.

  • Pint Size Pro Division: Ages 4-6
  • Junior Division: Ages 7-12
  • Senior Division: Ages 13-16



Pint Size Pro’s

Ages 4-6

This class will develop your youngster’s skills and fundamentals while playing an array of fun golf games.  In addition to swing instruction, participants are sure to have a blast taking field trips to check out the different sights at Tam O’Shanter Golf Course and learn more about the sport.  This entertaining and interactive class is a great introduction to the game for your future golf star!    

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Location:  Tam Golf Learning Center


 Code    Session     Day  Dates   Time  R/NR
210311-01  CLASS FULL Spring 1   MON   Apr 1-22  4:15-5:15p  $85/$105 
210311-02 Spring 2  MON  Apr 29-May 20 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-01  CLASS FULL Summer 1  MON  June 3-24 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-02   Summer 2  MON  July 8-29 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-03 Summer 3  MON  Aug 5-26 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
410115-02 Fall 2  MON  Oct 7-28 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
410115-03     1 spot open Fall 3  MON   Nov 4-25  4:15-5:15p  $85/$105 


 Code    Session     Day  Dates   Time  R/NR
210311-03 Spring 1   WED  Apr 3-24 4:15-5:15p  $85/$105 
210311-04 Spring 2  WED  May 1-22 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-04 Summer 1  WED  June 5-26 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-05  CLASS FULL Summer 2  WED  July 10-31 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
310311-06 Summer 3  WED  Aug 7-28 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
410115-04  CLASS FULL Fall 1  WED  Sept 4-25 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
410115-05  CLASS FULL Fall 2  WED  Oct 9-30 4:15-5:15p $85/$105
410115-06  CLASS FULL Fall 3  WED  Nov 6-27 4:15-5:15p  $85/$105 


Program will be held both indoors and out (weather permitting).  Please be sure to dress participants accordingly.



Junior Division Golf Classes

Ages 7-12

Our Junior Division class is offered on both Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  This class will focus on the basic fundamentals of the game of golf.  Beginner and intermediate players will enjoy the interactive class structure to help them develop their skills.  Instructors incorporate challenging games into the program, ensuring a fun and exciting experience for participants!  As part of the class, we also take a field trip to Tam O’Shanter Golf Course to utilize the practice area and familiarize students with the facility.

Location:  Tam Golf Learning Center


 Code    Session     Day  Dates   Time  R/NR
210311-05  CLASS FULL  Spring 1   WED Apr 3-24 5:30-6:30p $85/$105 
210311-06  CLASS FULL Spring 2  WED May 1-22 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
310311-07  CLASS FULL Summer 1  WED June 5-26 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
310311-08  CLASS FULL Summer 2  WED July 10-31 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
310311-09  CLASS FULL Summer 3  WED Aug 7-28 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
410115-07  CLASS FULL Fall 1  WED Sept 4-25 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
410115-08  CLASS FULL Fall 2  WED Oct 9-30 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
410115-09  2 spots open Fall 3  WED Nov 6-27 5:30-6:30p $85/$105 


 Code    Session     Day  Dates   Time  R/NR
210311-07 Spring 1   SAT Mar 30-Apr 20 10:00-11:00a $85/$105 
210311-08 Spring 2  SAT Apr 27-May 18 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
310311-10 Summer 1  SAT June 8-29 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
310311-11    CLASS FULL Summer 2  SAT July 6-27 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
310311-12 Summer 3  SAT Aug 3-24 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
410115-10   CLASS FULL Fall 1  SAT Sept 7-28 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
410115-11    CLASS FULL Fall 2  SAT Oct 5-26 10:00-11:00a $85/$105
410115-12    CLASS FULL Fall 3  SAT Nov 2-23 10:00-11:00a $85/$105 


Program will be held both indoors and out (weather permitting).  Please be sure to dress participants accordingly.



Senior Division Golf Classes

Ages 13-16

Our Senior Division class is built for new and experienced players looking to develop their golf technique & expand their knowledge of the game.  In addition to swing fundamentals, this class will also touch on the far reaching benefits of golf as it applies to networking, personal responsibility, and healthy living.  Participants will also visit the Tam O’Shanter Golf Course during the class to utilize practice areas and familiarize themselves with the facility.

Location:  Tam Golf Learning Center

 Code    Session     Day  Dates   Time  R/NR
210311-09 Spring   MON   Apr 1-22  5:30-6:30p $85/$105 
410115-13 Fall 1  MON  Oct 7-28 5:30-6:30p $85/$105
410115-14 Fall 2  MON  Nov 4-25 5:30-6:30p $85/$105


Program will be held both indoors and out (weather permitting).  Please be sure to dress participants accordingly.





Sessions of our consecutive day camp are offered weekly, making them the perfect program to fit into busy summer schedules! Students will learn the fundamentals of the swing while having a blast trying their skills at our fun & creative golf games.

Location:  Tam Golf Learning Center

Junior Division - Ages 7-12

 Code    Days  Dates   Time  R/NR
310311-13  M-Th June 10-13 1:00-2:00p $85/$105
310311-14  M-Th June 17-20 1:00-2:00p $85/$105 
310311-15  M-Th June 24-27 1:00-2:00p $85/$105
310311-17  M-Th July 8-11 1:00-2:00p $85/$105
310311-18  M-Th July 15-18 1:00-2:00p $85/$105
310311-20  M-Th July 29-Aug 1 1:00-2:00p $85/$105

Senior Division - Ages 13-16

 Code    Days  Dates   Time  R/NR
310311-16  M-F* (No Class 7/4) July 1-5 1:00-2:00p $85/$105
310311-19  M-Th July 22-25 1:00-2:00p $85/$105 
310311-21  M-Th Aug 5-8 1:00-2:00p $85/$105



Ages 8-16


In our instructional junior golf league students will learn how to play golf respectfully.  Golf shots, course rules and etiquette will be highly emphasized.  Participants will advance in the league based on skill level, attitude and behavior.  Golfers will be reviewed by the Director of Instruction, Chris Urgo, weekly to evaluate their progress.  Good golfers will have a good work ethic, discipline and a sense of responsibility.  Enjoyment of the outdoors, respect for others and self improvement are at the core of this program.  Each session lasts 5 weeks.  League will not meet on Memorial Day (5/27) or Labor Day (9/2).  Space is LIMITED!  Please register early to secure your spot.    

Location:  Tam O’Shanter Golf Course

Program Code Session Day Dates Start Times
210311-14   CLASS FULL Spring Mon May 6 - June 10 5:45-6:15pm
310311-30    CLASS FULL Summer Mon July 8 - Aug 5 5:30pm
310311-31 Fall Mon Aug 26 - Sept 30 TBD

Program runs for approximately 2 hours.

Fee:    $180 / session

Questions on our Instructional Junior League?  Contact our golf instruction office at (847) 583-2736, or email Director of Instruction, Chris Urgo, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







Friday, August 2nd

Every participant will receive a golf prize pack!!

This fun filled afternoon will include time playing out on the course, as well as carnival and golf themed games for the whole family to enjoy.

Pint Sized Division

All our Pint Sized Pro’s class participants are invited to show off their skills on our fun and interactive Pint Sized Golf Course!  We’ll set up short golf holes and an array of different targets on our ‘Wacky Range’ for golfers to take aim at.  Participants can even take a tour of the golf course on the Tam Trolley!  Parents and Guardians are asked to accompany & supervise players while they enjoy their hour out on the golf course.

Ages:   4-6

Time:  4:30p-5:30p

Code :  310311-28

Fee:   $20 per player 



Junior and Senior Divisions

A “Shotgun” Format Outing awaits participants in the Junior (7-11 yrs) and Senior (12-15 yrs) Divisions.   This will be a non-competitive, fun round of golf with contests spread throughout the course for participants to take their shot at.  Players will be supervised by Tam O’Shanter staff.   Sign up as an individual or request to be paired with friends.  This event regularly fills to capacity, so be sure to register early!

Ages:   7-15

Time:  5:30p-9:00p

Code: 310311-29

Fee: $30 per player  





Saturday, October 19th

Ages 7-15

Don't miss out on our only night golf event of the year!  Special illuminated golf balls and glow in the dark lighting around the greens and tees will create a unique and frighteningly fun experience for participants.  Golfers are invited to come in costume and participate in trick or treating for candy and golf prizes throughout the course!  Every group must be accompanied by an adult supervisor.

Time:  5:30p-8:00p

Code: 410115-21

Fee: $30 per player 



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